Health & Fitness


Health & Fitness

Here at HealthJerney we are dedicated to supplying you with powerful health and fitness information and content.

We know how important it is to be fit, strong, and healthy- and we want to provide you an online experience which represents that. That’s why our motto is “Strong information, Strong Mind, Strong body”. Every positive change begins with gained knowledge and valuable insight, and you can be at ease knowing that with HealthJerney you will find a community built around positive change.

From the very outset, HealthJerney was intended to be radically different from other sites, every way possible: the quality of information, the commitment to making each article as well-written as it was informative, and the focus on making things as entertaining as possible.

But the main thing that differed was the attitude. We’ve never been afraid to take chances and experiment. Certainly, this attitude applies to testing out cutting-edge training protocols or radical nutritional strategies. But we’ve also taken a lot of risks in terms of the content we present, and the way we present it.

Let other sites “stick to fitness.” Let other sites have the same bland, boring content as anyone else.

Those who aspire to mediocrity will find no place here. Our aim is to push the boundaries of what people expect in terms of self-development and self-structured learning, and we’ll do that by writing whatever the hell we please, about anything we want.

We can’t wait to get stronger with you.