Lingual Braces: What Are The Pros & Cons?

Braces are important for adjusting the alignment of your teeth. The dentist or the orthodontist can customize a brace for you according to the alignment of your teeth to fix the misaligned teeth. There are many such braces available in the market. One of them is the lingual brace which is a fixed orthodontic treatment for rectifying the misalignments of the teeth. The brackets that are used with the lingual braces are completely customizable for a proper fit into the mouth of the patient.

What are lingual braces?

The lingual braces are customized with the help of the impression of your teeth. These brackets can be installed directly onto the patient’s teeth for correcting the misalignment. This brace consists of bracket and wires for connecting them. The orthodontist will customize these brackets and wires based on the needs and requirements of each and every patient. The perfect fit is very much important when it comes to the installation of the lingual brace.

Pros and cons of the lingual braces

As we all know, everything comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. We are here to discuss both the pros and cons of the lingual braces. Read on to know more.


  • The significant benefit of the lingual brace is that they are perfectly customized for better correction
  • These braces are strategically hidden behind the teeth so that it is not visible to the people you are talking to or smiling at.
  • This is a perfect option for the people who are working in a professional field and cannot afford to have their braces visible.
  • It can change the position of the teeth as well as it can change the height of the teeth too.
  • These braces will not interfere with any actions performed by your mouth such as playing flute or saxophone.


  • These lingual braces can be a problem for the people with deep overbite issue.
  • The lingual braces can also cause some difficulties with the speech.
  • Sometimes it can be discomfort too.

These are all the pros and cons of the lingual braces. As these braces come with more advantages and they are invisible in nature, they cost more than the regular braces. You can visit a renowned OKC orthodontist for a normal checkup. He/she can assess the whole situation to determine whether or not the lingual braces will be ideal for you.


If your teeth are misaligned in nature, it can create a lot of problems. The foods can get stuck in the corner where even toothbrush bristles cannot reach. This can cause germs and bacteria to grow there causing tooth decaying. Hence, it is very important to rectify the alignment of the teeth and it can be done painlessly with the help of these braces. But people often feel that visible braces can ruin the complete appearance. If you too do not want the braces to be visible yet you want the teeth to be perfectly aligned, then the only solution is to get the invisible braces installed. With the help of one of the best orthodontist, you can get the lingual braces on.

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