Steps of Being a Stem Cell Donor

The process of donating stem cells involves several procedures. There are two ways of donating stem cells. These processes are known as peripheral blood stem cell donation and bone marrow donation.


Nearly 90% of the people opt for the first procedures done by injecting a needle before the procedure. The injection will help speed up the process by increasing the number of white blood cells and stems. This procedure will take place by injecting a needle for nearly 5 hours. During this period, the needles are injected for the collection of stem cells.


The other process, which is known as bone marrow donation, is done by giving stem cells through the bone marrow in the pelvis region. Being a stem cell donor is good, as you will be helping someone in need. The process of donating stem cells involves several steps.


If you are interested to donate stem cells then it is first required to report a hospital that has the facilities for bone marrow transplant. There are two procedures that are explained above. If you are opting for peripheral blood stem cell donation then it’s an easy process.


Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation Process

In this process, the nurse comes to the resident of the donor for a period of 4 days. The nurse injects the donor to help speed up the process of stem cells and white blood cells. After four days, the donor has to donate the stem cells. The procedure starts by injecting a needle into both of your arms. This is done to initiate the process of donating stem cells. These procedures can take as long as 5 hours for the best results.


The donating process takes 4 to 5 hours. The donor also has to report the next day for collecting more cells. There is nothing to worry about once you have donated your stem cells. There are fewer chances of suffering from the flu and aching. These symptoms are mild and are out of the system in a few days.


Bone Marrow Donation Process

The procedure of bone marrow donation is straightforward. The donor has to spend two days in the hospital under care. During this period, the donor is under general anesthetic. The doctor takes bone marrow from the pelvis region using a needle and syringe. The procedure is not long and there are chances you would feel tired because of the transplant procedure.


Once the stem cells are collected, it is delivered to the hospital where it is required on an urgent basis. On being sent if the recipient body matches the stem cells then the transplant procedure begins. Being a stem cell donor is a matter of pride as you are able to help someone who is fighting for life.


As a donor, one must follow all the procedures very cautiously. There are several chances of the body getting affected by side effects but it normal and will go away in a few days. The donor must ensure a health check before and after donating the stem cells to recover fast. Stem cell donors help initiate the bone marrow transplant procedure.


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